The Wyoming Coalition for Open Government (WYCOG) is a group formed in January 2009 in Wyoming to advocate for open government.  The organization is a coalition made up of members from the Wyoming Press Association, Wyoming newspapers, the League of Women Voters, the Associated Press and the Equality State Policy Center.

The coalition’s mission is about educating people to use their government.  One of WYCOG’s concerns is it always ends up being perceived by the public that ensuring open and transparent government is press issue because the Wyoming Press Association is involved or a newspaper is involved. Members of WYCOG hope that residents will come to realize that the issue and the challenge are much bigger than that as these issues affect more than just a news media outlets.

WYCOG will identify and recognize “First Amendment Heroes” among groups or individuals that promote government transparency.  Their “Black Hole” award will be give to those groups or individuals that violate the transparency of government.

Please contact us if you know of, or wish to nominate anyone or any group that matches the criteria above –heroes or villains.

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